Product Overview

What We Carry

Sara Diamonds provides well-assorted single-cut diamonds ranging from 0.001 to 0.10 carats. This includes 'minus 2' sieve sizes, 'stars' (+2-6.5 sieves), and the 'melee' (+6.5-11 sieves). Our assortment standards are very accurate, and graded according to GIA standards, ranging from D-Z in color and IF-I3 in clarity.

Sara Diamonds also provides custom assortments of our single cut diamonds for our clients. Our goal is to help fulfill the exact requirements of our customers, and delivering precisely what they desire.

Product Background

Conceptually formed and cut in the Late Middle Ages, a "single-cut" diamond is a simple form of cutting a round diamond with only 18 facets. Single-cut diamonds have enjoyed timeless popularity encompassing all generations. Many connoisseurs and investors are returning to the single cut diamonds when purchasing fine jewelry today. While modern stone-working techniques have evolved to produce unparalleled brilliance, the early styles have a distinguished character all their own.