"To provide complete and total satisfaction to every customer and consumer by providing extraordinary products and services at the most competitive prices."

Every individual from Sara Diamonds is thoroughly trained in the vision and priorities of the company, understanding that providing ultimate satisfaction to the customer is our fundamental goal. It is a vision shared by all our people: diamond cutters, master craftsmen, and expert professionals, who are driven by the aspiration to be the best and the belief that challenges are the stepping stones of success. Sara Diamonds has evolved to become the leading player in the diamond industry through its dramatic growth and extraordinary attention to detail.

We set benchmarks for the industry and ourselves. We believe in fostering long-term relationships, and can only achieve that by providing consistent quality and service to our customers. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that Sara Diamonds has many customers that have been loyal to them for decades

We emphasize honesty and integrity in all our transactions, and are fair and unbiased to everyone we deal with. The very nature of our business is based on trust, and we understand the value and importance of it.

We fully participate in the global 'Kimberly Process' initiative, and rigorously work to ensure that all our diamonds are conflict-free. Therefore, all diamonds and jewelry sold by Sara Diamonds are genuine, conflict-free, and quality assured.