Product Overview

What We Carry

Sara Diamonds carries an extensive inventory of fancy shape diamonds. We offer a wide assortment of tapered baguettes, marquise, pears, and princess-cut diamonds. We also carry other more rare fancies, such as heart shapes, emeralds, etc. At Sara, we understand fancy shapes requirements are as unique as their shape; fulfilling those requirements are our commitment to you. Feel free to call us to learn more about our fancy products.

Product Background

From the graceful, feminine curve of the pear shape to the clean crisp lines of an emerald cut, "fancy shapes" provide a diverse departure from the traditional round brilliant, which is the most common diamond shape. Shape is personal, so there is a great deal of subjectivity in defining the beauty of fancy cuts. The most common shapes of fancy cut diamonds and other stones include: theƂ Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Oval, Radiant, Pear, Heart, and Cushion.

Originally adorned by royalty from Europe to India and the Far East, fancy shapes have pedigrees that date back centuries and embrace many diverse cultures. For example, the "baguette" shape, French for a small rod, came to the fore during the early 20th century Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements. The background of the "marquise" shaped diamond (aka 'navette-cut' diamond) is very interesting. It is believed that the Sun King, Louis the XIV wanted a diamond to be cut like the smile of his mistress, Marquise de Pompadour. The "pear shape" diamond (aka 'teardrop') was highly popular during the Renaissance period. Lodewyk (Louis) van Berquem of Brugge of Belgium created the first pear shaped diamond in 1458. The possibilities for fancies are as unique as the individual who chooses to wear them, and there are a myriad of combinations that can make for beautiful cuts.