Product Overview

What We Carry

Sara Diamonds carries an extensive inventory of GIA and EGL USA certified diamonds. We carry GIA Diamond Dossiers , GIA Diamond Grading Reports , EGL USA Diamond Certificates, EGL Mini-Certificates, IGI Certificates, and many others. We offer certified stones ranging from 0.20 carats to over 5 carats, from IF clarity to I3, and from D-Z colors. We carry both round and fancy shape certified diamonds. Please feel free to call us to find a stone you like today.

Product Background

A diamond certificate, also called a diamond grading report, is an official report created by a team of gemologists of a specific diamond grading laboratory. During the certification process, the diamond is evaluated, measured, and scrutinized using trained eyes, a jewelers loupe, a microscope, and other industry tools. A completed certificate includes an analysis of the diamonds dimensions, clarity, color, polish, symmetry, and other individual characteristics.

Although diamonds have been sought after and admired for thousands of years, only at the beginning of the 20th century did chemistry and other sciences advance to the point that objective, scientific grading of diamonds and other gemstones was made possible. The oldest gemological organization is the Gemological Institute of America , or GIA , founded in 1931 in Los Angeles, California.